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Four Secrets You NEED to Know BEFORE YOU Start your Own business…


Four Secrets Your need to know before you start your own business, scarlett musings, pretty pinterestingI have obsessed many-a-times about my businesses that I have, and how I could be better or do things better.  But there are a number of things that I have learned through the failures and successes that I have had that have made my last ventures more profitable and a little easier. And I have to continue to remind myself that a business is a live, growing and changing entity. Your business has to grow and change, and I don’t only mean monetarily but also mean getting better or stronger, to make a lasting impression. And in order to grow and change, you also have to reflect – and through reflection I came up with these four secrets that you NEED to be aware of if you are an entrepreneur or mompreneur starting a business for the first time. #fourbusinesssecrets

*Note: I have learned these through Trial and Error. It is nothing that I learned through Books or Business Plans or any other means except the School of Hard-Knocks.
It’s not an actual place, by the way! 

1. Solve a Problem: Your Business or Blog should be solving a problem. That is a key question to ask yourself when you are starting out – is this providing a content or service that is in-demand or that people want? Sometimes that is more difficult to figure out if you are creating a product for the first time and you aren’t certain whether or not people will buy it. Test it out with Family and Friends: throw a few up online and see if there is demand…sometimes what seems like a good idea to you and your mother or sister, isn’t necessarily going to sell to other people. #hopeisnotastrategy

Example: Throwing back to my Mompreneur Monday feature of Grace & Lace last year, she started making her super-cute bootsocks because she made herself a pair and people asked her where she got them. Over and over. She realized, "Hey, maybe I could make these and sell these!" She solved a problem. People wanted them and so she knew they would sell.
Example 2: Starting a Direct Sales business: When I started selling Stella & Dot in 2008, it was because I believed in the company, the growth that I saw and the potential of a new product in an old-style business model. I started it off very small, with the teeny-tinest little display of jewelry displayed on used trays that I bought off Craigslist. I didn't buy the Cadillac display pieces, or start with a tonne of samples. Therefore if it didn't work out, I wasn't invested for a tonne of money. But rather I tested the waters to see if there was demand....(i.e. solving a problem). And thankfully, people liked the product and bought more and more, and then I slowly invested in more samples and a better carrying case (rather than the beat-up suitcase that I used for 2 years!).
grace and lace, shark tank appearance, mompreneur, christian business owners

Grace and Lace appeared on Shark Tank on November 22nd, 2013!

2. Think About All Aspects of the Business Before you Start! Sometimes we like to fool ourselves into thinking that there are certain things about owning your own business that won’t apply to us. But every small business has a variety of tasks that perhaps you may not be versed in, but you HAVE to do. Taxes, bookkeeping, or more mundane things like janitorial stuff or learning new tasks on the computer. If you aren’t a go-getter and you aren’t willing to push through the pain of the mundane, then owning your own business may not be for you! #painofthemundane

Example: When I started my retail store back in 2007, I was really focused on the design and the pretty things and super stoked about being my own boss after being in corporate for many years. What I didn't bargain for was the long-hours of retail, and sitting behind the cash register when it was slow. Or having people call in sick over long weekends and having to forgo my own plans to work the store (and only having 2 lousy small sales for the whole day!). I only thought about the fun things, like taking off whenever I want, or it being easier to pick up my kids from school. I ended up closing the store, for a variety of reasons, and one of them was that sitting there waiting for sales made me stir-crazy!
Example 2: If you decide to do a home-based business like Direct Sales, it isn't as easy as it looks. If cold calling people or marketing to others is not your thing, then it probably will not work for you. Point blank. You DO have be tenacious and either a) Love the product so much that sharing it with girlfriends and customers doesn't feel like work or b) have a natural affinity for selling. If being turned down be people makes you feel queasy, then you won't contact people, and unfortunately, there is probably someone else doing the same thing that will.

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3. Know when It is time to Pull the Pin: Not every business idea we have is going to be successful. Sometimes it is timing, factors out of your control or even a bit of bad luck. But the most important thing is knowing when to pull the pin. If it isn’t working, don’t keep throwing money at it ~ because it will be like water in your hands and flow away quickly. #moneyflowslikewater

Example 1: When my retail business was limping along at a snail's pace and I started to experience cash flow problems, I would have done anything in order to keep things afloat. At one point my husband facilitated a loan for me from a wealthy friend for $16K. Well, that ran out fairly quickly and the problems were still the same. So we closed the business and liquidated the assets. But it took a few years to pay back that $16K along with all of the other debts. However, I could have kept going for the remainder of my lease and lost even more money, but I decided to cut my losses and shut it down. It really could have been a much more disastrous situation. 
Example 2: If you joined a Direct Sales organization and realized that it isn't your thing, that's okay! Don't stay in it with the 'hope' that people will just start phoning you because you posted once or twice on Facebook. Because they won't. So sell your assets and move it.

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4. Patience is the Secret Sauce: This has been a major Epiphany for me! I did a webinar with business coach Chela Davison this past week, and mostly just listened as I went about doing my work. But the big learning that I took away from it was that it takes time to build a business. Many successful bloggers have been doing it for years, and it has taken them even more years to make a living at it. I know from experience that any successful people at a Direct Sales in a company like Stella & Dot work the business like a full-time job and then some! And they do all of the yucky tasks too, like contacting people and ASKING for the sale. However, usually no one is super successful right away, it does take time and some mistakes and failures before things get really rolling.

*Note 2: Please be aware that if your goal is to make a full-time income or replace your current income with your new business, there will probably be a time when you have to do both in order to make money. Don’t quit your source of income too early, or you will be scrambling to make things work and may make decisions in your new business based on fear or emotion.

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Don’t Quit Your Daydream: My Airstream Dream

“Unlike any other form of thought, daydreaming is its own reward.”

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Available on Etsy by MottosPrint

I have thought a lot about what I would do entrepreneurial-wise (?) if money was not a factor. I think sometimes that not having money to spend on every idea that comes into my head is a good thing! When you don’t have money, you really have to think hard about decisions and aren’t just throwing cash at problems that arise. It makes you really come up with creative solutions and perhaps try things that you may not have if you had the money to correct it. I learned this first hand when I spent a tonne of money opening my boutique (I made a lot of decisions based on emotion and wanting to get out of my former job), and then having to find something else that didn’t cost me much to do on the side (Stella & Dot). I never would have even TRIED direct sales had that series of events hadn’t happened – I am a University graduate and was quite snobby when it came to the idea of ‘home parties’! But I was sort of guided to it via having made a big financial mistake, and I have definitely learned a lot.  Probably more than any amount of money in my last business would have taught me.

beautilcious, makeup store, scarlett ballantyne

My beautiful store. *Sigh*

But I still daydream all of the time!!!

About opening a dance studio, creating workshops, manufacturing my own clothing line, starting my own Direct Sales company and more.

think if the money part of it wasn’t an issue,  I would have lost a lot more on various business ventures! I just don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in myself at this time. I love makeup, inspiring people and helping them to see their best selves. My latest big dream, which is somewhat practical even, would be my own Airstream Trailer, tricked out with white leather and the coolest set-up ever for makeup clients. I could travel around to photo shoots and film sets and maybe even a wedding or two (well…. probably not a wedding…..I am done with that) and do makeup for people. 

airstream photo studio, my airstream dream pretty pinteresting

A few years ago I saw this post online about a photography studio that did this very thing for themselves. Most of their photo shoots are outdoors but they need a place to converge with clients, work on their images, and preview photos. I think that this is super smart because they aren’t tied to one indoor location, they aren’t paying rent somewhere (something that is hard for photographers to do if the work isn’t consistent), and it is really pretty slick.

I am totally down for doing the same thing for makeup…I know it is not really Dragon’s Den-Shark-Tank-investable, however, I think that it could be a fun adventure.

Daydreaming is always a jumping off point for ideas. If you never had wild ideas, then you would never arrive at more sane ones.

What types of daydreams do you have for your next venture?

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Finding YOUR style if you are over age 35

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Thanks for the love!

I am feeling a bit of stage fright about writing this blog post – my last post went a little viral (is there such a thing as a little viral?) with over 4000 views in the last 3 days. I am thrilled that my words have made an impact and am so happy with the comments and positive feedback I have received. As I have mentioned before, I have had some big (correction,  HUGE) business failures in the past, but have slowly learned that it is a lot of failures that make up your future successes. As many people like to say about direct sales, every time someone says ‘no’ to your product or services, you are one step closer to getting to a ‘yes’. And although that is fine when you say it in that neat-little-package, it really doesn’t make it any less painful when you are in it! Even after doing direct sales for almost 6 years, when someone says ‘No’ to me, I still feel that little teensy-pang of ‘they don’t like me!’. It’s a gross feeling. I have learned to talk myself away from it but it is still ever-present.

Along with my failures in business, I have had some style failures along the way too! Lots of the lessons that you hear/read about style seem like common sense in theory, maybe even they are things you have heard before, but I find them hard to navigate and implement into your own life. I follow a lot of Fashion Bloggers and Style Bloggers: and I am sorry to say to 90% of these bloggers are super lame (and many are NOT over age 35). If putting a cute dress on a cute body is styling, then anyone can do that. *Yawn*. Boring and more boring! If every cute dress fit my lifestyle and body type, then I would be rocking one every day at the school yard picking up my kids, but this would look a tad ridiculous, don’t you think? Picking up a $100/$200 dress from Anthropologie isn’t style, it’s called shopping!

So with that little rant over, I am going to outline a few key things for finding YOUR style if you are over Age 35….and maybe you can use those steps to help others too.

Figure out what works for your lifestyle

Cute party-dresses don’t work for me day-to-day. I have a closet full of ’em. And it seems like it should be common sense, but I find that lines are blurring a lot in terms of what is appropriate age-wise. And I find myself struggling with it also, when a) I am the same size as my daughter and b) we like a lot of the same things. But it can look a tad silly when we are wearing the same styles. Yet I am mostly living a casual life-style, so I gravitate towards the same things. There is really a lack of style advice for women that are still hip and interested in style at this age but aren’t working in either the corporate world or the fashion world. And I find a Blazer, which use to be a go-to-easy-to-wear-piece, can look a tad over done, and well…..just old! Blazers were really so popular in the ’90’s – and then the shrunken ones came into style and I found I felt like they never fit my boobs and seemed like they looked too small.

So what does work for this age? Keep reading…

Analyze your photos to learn what fits properly on your body type…

full length look, scarlett musings, long waist, no torso,

…sucking it in big-time in this photo – see how the waist just doesn’t sit right on me? it is too high…

I’ve been thin the majority of my life but a few years ago I gained over 30 lbs (and since lost and gained back some). Not to say that I was extraordinarily over-weight, but all of a sudden I became much more aware of my body type, because not everything fit the same anymore. I have a long torso so sometimes dresses or anything that hits at the waist, just doesn’t fit me right. And that doesn’t look good. My waist has never been very thin/hourglass, so I have learned that more tunic styles and things that don’t tuck in, look better on my body type.

And sometimes what we love just doesn’t look good on us. I have very thin legs – *chicken legs* according to my husband – and so skinny-jeans are just not as flattering as a straight legs on me. But I Love them! But every time I see a photo of myself in a skinny-jean I just think it makes my hips look big. So it is part of figuring out what looks good on you, and that means analyzing your own photos and shopping accordingly.

And please wear some makeup….

The same goes for makeup, which is a super important part of style…please analyze your photos and take a serious look at yourself. If you were a non-makeup wearing girl before age 35, it is time to realize that you need it now. You just do. You can’t get away from it, you need it. Sorry to offend you if you think that you can go bare-faced because you cannot. But you can apply makeup to look like you aren’t wearing much. But you do need it. There is just no way around it. And learning to apply it right now will help take you into your 50’s, 60’s and 70’s when you really do need it so as not to look like an aging hippie or a corpse!

age 37, nice makeup look, simple makeup, scarlett musings, over 35 style tips

…me at age 37 – simple makeup that is stylish. I would prefer lipstick to gloss for an everyday look *and minus the false lashes*

*If you just realized that you need makeup advice because you have never worn any and now you feel dumb, message me and I can do an online consult with you totally FREE. Because I care about it that much, I can help you get started. I don’t sell  makeup, but I am a makeup artist and I just like helping women…*

In my humble opinion, since I believe that most of my readers are in this range, here are my Style Tips for what works for the 35-49 age range (not for cougar mamas who tend to wear everything TIGHT *think Real Housewives*). For the normal every-day-gals that are interested in amping up their style…..

  • Fancy t-shirts (lace, or silk or something with a cool texture)

  • Chambray shirts (I like lighter weight ones so as not to look bulky)

  • Any kind of straight-leg jeans, preferable dark wash

  • Not Madonna-style ’80’s pile-on, but bangles and bracelet stacks. 3-5 is the magic number.

  • Lipstick, not lip-gloss. Leave the glossy look for the girls.

  • A great tote bag or Purse (need not be Coach or LV or any other namesake brand, just a great shape and colour).

  • Nicely groomed eyebrows, use pencil or shadow to fill in. It’s the most overlooked part of the face.

  • Concealer – absolutely necessary if you are over age 35.

  • A nice Denim jacket.


Following is a gallery of some inspirational images that outline some of my tips….

Phew! Follow-up-to-a-viral-blog-post. Done! Comment please if you have opinions….that is my favourite part :-)

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Friday picks – My favourite Etsy products

lola and darla designs, scarlett musings, scarlett Etsy picks, pretty interesting picks

Always Sparkle T-Shirt from Lola and Darla Designs

I love Etsy products! I love seeing all of the wonderful creations that people come up with. Inexpensive artwork, photography, great jewelry and other small businesses. I love that you can start up easily and if you are a crafter, you can basically have an online shop right away….

I use Etsy to search for my favourite products for a lot of different things. Thank-you cards, t-shirts for my Stella & Dot team incentives and more! If you have the time to wait for shipping, there are a tonne of great things for gifts too.

Probably I am preaching to the choir here, because if you are reading my blog, you already know that I am all about the pretty!

Here is a new Youtube Video that I did with some product reviews of some of my new Favourite Etsy Shops and things that YOU can use for your small business.

Have a great day! Happy Friday!

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The Brocade Blackbird

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Pretty Chic

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Sometimes you just have to Follow Your Gut…

Follow your gut, pretty interesting, scarlett musings, palm springs 2014Sometimes we are presented with situations in life that are complex, and yet, without hesitating, you almost have to go with your first instinct – your gut feeling. I have spent many times pondering things, going over scenarios in my head and over-thinking situations. Lately I am trying to go with my first instinct…..follow your gut! Follow. Follow! FOLLOW your gut!

A good friend and I were having a conversation yesterday about age and long hair. She said her MIL made a casual remark to her kids about my friend ‘getting too old for long hair’ (totally not the case BTW!). We both think that this is sort of a generational stereo-type….our mother’s demographic felt old at age 40. And for us, 40 is just getting to the good stuff. Who turns 40 and then immediately feels that they need to start cutting their hair shorter to match their age? Not me for sure. Not Demi Moore, Sheryl Crow and plenty of people in the spotlight. For me this is a classic, follow-your-gut type of scenario. If your hair starts to feel like a witch (grey and straggly!), then it probably looks a bit witchy too. However, if you feel pretty and happy, your have to go with your gut.

crow_rect Kelly-Preston---actresses-over-50-jpg 1102 demi-moore-at-diane-von-furstenberg-s-journey-of-a-dress-exhibition-january-2014_1On that note, I haven’t cut or done anything new with my hair for awhile? Is it time for a big change for me? Hmmmm…..

I say the same thing when talking to my Stella & Dot team members about choosing new samples for their displays….go with your gut feeling. After 10+ seasons of Stella & Dot, I usually go exactly with what my gut tells me when a new collection comes out. Sometimes I end up adding a few more pieces as the season goes on, or as I hear our Chief Creative Officer explain behind the design….but generally I go with what my initial reaction is and purchase samples accordingly. Because that is what all of you, my customers, do too. If my initial reaction is that that necklace seems chunky, or masculine, (or ugly!) then that is what I go with….and I am generally not wrong!

Stella & Dot summer 2014, scarlett musings, stella & Dot success, stella & Dot director, s

I had another sort of uncomfortable bit-of-a-life-scenario recently that challenged some decisions I had made. All of a sudden, I was doubting what I felt and how I was going to proceed. However, I made those decisions based on past circumstances and most importantly, really, my own gut feelings. It is super important to go with your first instinct. I have made a lot of decisions in the past, based on input that I have received from others. Now I try to go with my first impression, then perhaps weigh in with others to get their opinion. Don’t you find it frustrating when you watch the Bridal Dress shows on TLC and the bride takes in her whole extended family and they end up crapping all over the dress that she really loves? I hate watching that! The poor bride starts questioning her own initials feelings that she had when she put the dress on! I find that super frustrating to watch…..I want to scream at the TV – Go with your Gut girlfriend!!!

I am working hard at creating a brand for myself with this Blog, my online profile, and essentially, how I do business. It all comes back to answering the question: “Does this speak to me and the things that I love….pretty things, good design, fabulous colours and things that make you feel good? And also, most importantly, reads authentically and aligns with my core values?”

I have applied for a scholarship to attend the upcoming Blogcademy workshop in Vancouver (or Calgary) in June by Visualizing my Life and what I want to accomplish (in the near future!) through Pinterest. If you have the time and inclination, pop over to my Pinterest Board and like and re-pin, ok? Thanks in advance for your support.

And thanks to my real peeps for all that you do for me! You know who you are :-)

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A quote from Madeline Albright - it's so true!

Fashion, Style and Confidence at any age

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It’s been a whirlwind this week after I travelled to San Francisco for Stella & Dot Director’s Retreat and then on to  Vancouver Island to attend a SD Spring Rally. Then this past Tuesday night we held our SD Spring Rally in Langley also. Stella, Stella, Stella! I have literally interacted with 100’s of women in the last two weeks: singles, mother’s, 20-something’s, 30-somethings, professionals and more! All types of women are represented in our Stella & Dot posse – but we all have one main thing in common….can you guess what that is? Because it isn’t jewelry…..

Let me explain.

Selling Stella & Dot is a job. Just like any other job. The difference is that you can choose what you want that job to be. If you want it to be part-time, you can work part-time and earn a part-time income. If you want it to be just something extra that you do so that you get out of the house once/twice a month, you can do that, and earn a little income (and get jewelry at a discount) accordingly. But you can choose to work 35-45 hours a week, marketing, coaching and selling and earn a full-time income similar to any corporate job. That choice is yours. But what I have found with this job different from other jobs, is that everyone here is 1) a woman! (actually there is one man) and 2) thrives on connection and camaraderie. Now I’m not in everyone’s head of course, so this is somewhat of a general statement. But I can say from my dozens of interactions, that most of these women want each other to succeed! Everyone is comfortable sharing their best selves, abilities and supports one another. When I get remiss about having make some effort to book trunk shows (I love doing them but don’t like booking them), I remember how much I like the my customers and then the support I get from my colleagues. There is always someone to lift you up, remind you of your strengths and be a listening ear. And that keeps my spirits high and keeps pushing me forward.

A quote from Madeline Albright - it's so true!

A quote from Madeline Albright – it’s so true!

For our meeting in Langley this past week, I hired a Fashion Stylist to come to the event to talk about style and fashion tips. This is a young woman, no older than mid-20’s, who has had a very interesting life travelling, modelling and working as a stylist. When I met her a few weeks ago, I immediately felt her positive aura – and she was reeeeeeallly stylish! Like, intimidatingly stylish! She had only seen the new Stella & Dot line less than a week before, but she did her research and really dove into the history of the jewelry and what the intent was behind each collection. What struck me most about Brea was not just her fashion sense and super-cute style, but her sense of confidence. It must have been scary to come into our group of 60 or more women and speak on fashion, which is a very subjective topic. When I used to do colour and design presentations, I felt very intimidated presenting to the architectural community, even though I knew a lot about the subject. But Brea took it all in stride. She was witty and humorous and never faltered. The best part though was the energy of the women in the room. You could feel a sense of encouragement from all of the women attending, rather than judgement. We all wanted her to succeed, and she did! This is an important part of the SD community and really keeps me committed to the organization.

Fashion Stylist Brea Schneider

Fashion Stylist Brea Schneider


Fashion Stylist Brea Schneider

Fashion Stylist Brea Schneider

Some of the tips and favourite pieces as per Brea, Fashion Stylist:

Linden NecklaceLinden Necklace – the tonal hues of green in this necklace are almost translucent. They have a quality that is almost a blue-green and takes on either colour when paired with one or the other. It looks especially great with an opposite hue on the colour wheel such as coral of fuschia. The stones are set in a brass casting and works great casually or over a little black dress or something you would wear for an evening out.


Mallorca PendantMallorca Pendant – this necklace exudes casual elegance. I especially love the length and then the little bit of sparkly with the cz stones. Brea described this as a must-have that can be worn casually or with a maxi dress and cute cape-y type vest-shawl-type thing (how do you like my descriptions?! That is my interpretation of her words, not hers!).


Makena PendantMakena Pendant – this is a vintage inspired filigree pendant with a sweeping fringe. Very Boho inspired and reminds me of something my mom had in the ’70’s (although hers was not this nice!). It falls sort of mid-length which is unusual but works well with any neckline that mimics this shape. So for example a spaghetti straps jumpsuit with a deep V neck would look terrific.

These are scarves of my mother's from the 1960's which I still have. They remind me of the Gypset and Bohemian collections!

These are scarves of my mother’s from the 1960’s which I still have. They remind me of the Gypset and Bohemian collections!

Fleurette PendantFleurette Necklace – this is a beautiful statement necklace with so much detail. Glass, acrylic and epoxy stones in a green, pink and brown appear neutral because of their translucency. Wearing these over a grey top neutralizes the colour and adds just the right amount of sparkle. This is super feminine with a little bit of edge because of the boldness and shape!


I always remember my old manager at Benjamin Moore telling me that entrepreneurs are generally a bunch of weirdos. They are people that want to own their own business because they don’t like working for other people! And that can be true of Stella & Dot Stylists as well. But I like my posse of weirdos – these are the most supportive weirdos I know!

xo S

Footnote: Breanne Schneider BIO

Fashion stylist, Personal stylist, Creative Director and Model Breanna Schneider’s passion is to inspire intentionality and to always celebrate life. Her desire to make all things relevant started amongst the cutting edge and fast paced fashion industry of Sydney, Australia where she fell in love with personal expression and the limitlessness of creativity. Originally image consulting on the side, she realized that she could utilize her personal style and apply it to the more hands on side of the industry; Styling! She’s since moved to her home-town of Vancouver to establish her business locally.  In addition to creative directing photo and video shoots, she’s collaborated with photographers, designers, producers, models, artists and vocalists. She’s worked on top 40 music videos, corporate and editorial photo shoots and her favorite – personal styling clients. Having experience internationally allows her to have a rounded understanding of a client’s perspective, and enjoys the relational side of the business. She says, “Getting behind someone’s vision is a beautiful, powerful opportunity. And it’s way too much fun when it comes to life!” She believes that we should always embrace the chance to communicate who we are. Aside from styling she enjoys travelling, snowboarding, singing, making home-made bubble tea and running with her pup Malcolm. Her favorite style tip? “Accessories. Never forget your accessories!”


Friday Fun Stuff – Art, Makeup and my week in review!

I’ve had such a fun past week! The end of October and beginning of November is always a special time for me. My youngest girl was born November 1st so we usually have a party to celebrate somewhere around that date and then of course Halloween. I went all out with the makeup this year because I wanted to practice doing some fun stuff. I’m doing a craft fair mid-month at our elementary school and will be doing some fun Facepainting/makeup looks for the kids. Neither of my kids wanted to dress up as the classic Sugarskull so I did it to myself. And of course I was somewhat influenced by my recent trip to Mexico where the motif was everywhere.

My Sugar Skull transformation in progress...

My Sugar Skull transformation in progress…

The finished look....

The finished look….


For the birthday party, we did an afternoon session at 4Cats Art Studio in White Rock. The kids are so into painting and stuff at school so we thought it would be a fun session. Chloe wanted to do a Jackson Pollock themed Splatter party. It was a total messy session but so fun to watch the girls throw paint around. The messiness of it stresses me out and we did get paint on my hubby’s jacket (oops!) but thankfully it washed out. We picked Ice blues for the splatter paint colours and then had the canvas stretched so that it can be hung. I absolutely love the way it turned out and the textures of the dried paint. There are also some small splashes of cranberry which just adds a dimension to it (I added that after *control freak*). I may hang it over my sofa for now but I am hoping to design a rec. room around it in my next house (which I am working towards for next year *working on my husband*!). The best part about the party was the kind staff. They were super patient with the girls and really knowledgable.

Before the splatter!

Before the splatter!

Going crazy with the paint!

Going crazy with the paint!

I guess half the fun is getting covered in paint!

I guess half the fun is getting covered in paint!


The Jackson Pollock inspired piece!

The Jackson Pollock inspired piece!


On Tuesday night the owner, founder and CEO of Stella & Dot, Jessica Herrin, was here in Vancouver for a special event. She was the keynote speaker for a finance conference (she really is kind of a big deal) and so we coordinated a large SD meeting around her time here. It’s always fun to see some of my Stella peeps and share a laugh and a hug. I had girls on my team travel over from Victoria and 2 come from Chilliwack too! My only regret was that we didn’t have enough time together. We hired a photographer, Nomo Akisawa from Simply Sweet Photography and I am looking forward to sharing some of her professional images a bit later.

Some key takeaways I took from Jessica’s presentation which are very applicable to women in any business:

1) Always put yourself first, family second and then business. A happy mom is going to be better for all of those around her. So don’t forget to take care of yourself first (in my case that means eating properly, drinking my shakes and taking care of my overall nutrition). Family second – carve out an hour in each day or a few times a day and engage in activities that will make the most impact. With your kids, sit and read and book or for me and my girls, have cuddle time watching our favourite show or take them for a quick bite and have eye-to-eye conversation around the table. And when it comes to the hubby, don’t forget and hour or two to pay attention to his needs too!!!

2) ‘Dream big then follow up with action and effort’. Or as the saying goes, a Goal without a plan is just a wish! Very true and sometimes we have big dreams but really aren’t honest with ourselves in terms of what we are willing to do to achieve them. And that is okay but the key is that you have to be really honest with yourself and what you are willing to do!


Me, Sandy and Rachelle!

Me, Sandy and Rachelle!

We always have so much fun together.....Rachelle, Shannon and Jen.

We always have so much fun together…..Rachelle, Shannon and Jen.


Rachelle earned a spot to have dinner with Jessica Herrin! I am so proud of her and the rest of my team.

Rachelle earned a spot to have dinner with Jessica Herrin! I am so proud of her and the rest of my team.

And that, my friends, is my week in review! Tata my peepies. Thanks for reading.


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