Trend Watch: Big butts and virgins….what?!

big buttsBig butts are everywhere! They are the new accessory of the rich and famous, like breast implants were in the ’90′s. All of the girls with big butts are happier than ever because now they are in style. Who would have ever thought that juicy butts would become the latest stylish fashion accessory? I can tell you that the 15 or so lbs I have gained over the past few months don’t seem so bad now that I see big butts trending all over social media! I just opened up Gala Darling‘s Things I love Thursday post which led off with the most amazing big butt photo. And it made me laugh out loud. Always right on trend, my internet-friend Gala! Did you watch the MTV VMA’s on Sunday night? Nicky Minaj, Iggy Azalea…these girls make J-lo and Kim Kardashian look like flat-assed little twerps!

Like for real, I know the VMA’s are supposed to be controversial and pushing the envelope. But there was a lot of same-same with all of the big butts going on and being featured in every performance!

Big butt face, gala darling, things i love Thursday, buttface, pretty pinteresting

Big Butt Face – No pun intended. From Gala’s post….I can’t take credit for finding this one!

Lordy, well what can I say! As a mother I can definitely tell you that I am happy that it isn’t all about the skinny-minis on all of the websites and apps that my girls follow. There seems to be a trend towards extreme though – either big butts and big voices, or the other extreme which is the chaste and conservative kind, like the 19 Kids and Counting girls. Now not to say that I don’t like the idea of courting to some degree, however when I saw that one of the newly married Duggar girls was now expecting, after just about 6 or 8 weeks of marriage, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad. She has hardly had time to explore her sexuality. The poor kid goes from a Capital V, virgin to pregnant. In my opinion, it’s kind of like your whole identity is based around bring a virgin and then that’s ripped away from you and now everyone knows you are humping like rabbits. It just seems a little extreme. And personally I am more of a shades of grey kind of person – just not so black and white! But extreme seems to be the way as of late! At least when it comes to trending on social media!

I will end this post with a little #TBT throwback to when I was embracing my own ‘big butt’ at various weights…. photo by my talented friend Cathy Empey.


cathy empey photography, pretty pinteresting

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How do you know when you are on the right path?

August is always a time of reflection for me. For the past few years, I notice that I treat this month almost like January 1st – lots of self-reflection and goal setting and making future plans. This year especially has been a great time of reflection….my kids have been away at my cousin’s house for a while, we have moved to a new house and neighbourhood, and I am gaining more traction towards my goals with this blog. Often my jewelry business is a bit quieter in the summer so August is a time of gearing up for the next big selling-season. And then of course, school starts in September and a new routine is established at home. With all of that pending I have to ask myself, how do I know that I am on the right path?

deep end, selfie at the pool

I try to break it down to personal goals/fulfillment and then monetary goals…

Sometimes I get stuck in a rut of doing what I have always done with out really thinking about whether I want to do it anymore. Take my makeup business for example: I have been doing makeup for over 6 years, and for the first few years, I chased every small job around the Lower mainland….grads, weddings, photoshoots and every small and strange makeup job in between. Balancing that with my Stella & Dot business, plus shuttling around two busy girls became a real runaround. I realized that while I love helping people and making them feel good, it doesn’t pay to take a small job any time someone needs makeup done for a special event. There is my time to travel there, my cost of product and then sometimes, there is no joy in it. What I really love doing when it comes to makeup is inspiring people and creating something beautiful. This comes in form of working with photographers on Photoshoots and also doing private clients for either Boudoir shoots or head shots. That is what I love. And the money aspect doesn’t even matter because it gives me so much joy that I am richer for it.  Weddings however, are no longer for me. I am too old to give the bride the special attention to details that she needs/wants (I once had a bride make the request that all of her curls in her hair go counter-clockwise, not clockwise. True story!). While I have some very special memories of brides that I have worked with in the past, going forward, it is no longer part of my desired path.

bridal hair, hair and makeup, scarlett hair

My beautiful friend Martine. Loved that hairstyle!

Focus Focus Focus….

Focus on what you are good it. Have a mojo-check in. I know that my strength is not really in leading others. Not to say that I am not a leader, because I do lead in my own way, however my strength in leading comes from sharing and not necessarily coaching. I find that in working with others within my Stella & Dot team, I really do better in leading by example. i.e. If I am selling a lot, then my team tends to sell a lot too. If I am posting on my team Facebook page frequently, then my team tends to follow. However when I try to do one to one coaching, I have a hard time keeping a schedule with people or holding them accountable to their own goals. I tend to follow the path of, ‘If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it’, instead of being a hard-ass. I would be a terrible personal trainer!! Perhaps it my empathetic side or the fact that I am mostly self-directed so I expect others to be too. But what I do know, is that after a number of seasons of reflection, I know that my strength lies in sharing, but not necessarily teaching. And that is where I know I can make a difference.

top extender, Grace & lace, scarlett musings, pretty pinteresting

Sharing and listening…

It is easier to quit than it is to stay the course…

I swear I have said this phrase over and over to many women the last number of years. Because when things get hard, it really is easier to quit sometimes than it is to keep doing it. A direct-sales business like Stella & Dot can be hard on your ego; there can be lots of cold calling people and continually getting shut-down. It takes effort to keep the wheels turning when you get a lot of rejection. Sometimes the best sales people or top leaders in companies like ours partially achieve success because of their time in. Blogging is the same: writing when no one seems to be reading is difficult (and you aren’t making any money at it either!). But staying the course and continuing a small bit of action everyday, helps to propel you forward. Goal setting a milestone can also help to keep you on path. And of course when it comes to needing money, well that can always keep the fires burning! Personally, I am still selling Stella & Dot jewelry because I truly love the designs. Our Chief Creative officer Blythe Harris is a personal friend and an icon to me: you know when someone asks you which celebrity you would want to have dinner with if you could pick anyone? Well after Oprah and Derek Hough, Blythe is right up there on my list. She and her design team and their innovations in design are what keep me motivated to continue sharing my love for Stella & Dot.

keep collective, stella &dot, scarlett stylist, scarlett director

A page from Stella & Dot’s new sister company, Keep Collective.

Know when it is time to try something else…

Sometimes something just runs it’s course. Or it was never meant to be in the first place. I have had plenty of business failures in my past….I owned a retail store for two years that was fun and beautifully designed (by me and I loved everything about that place!). But when I realized that I might be sitting inside that retail space for years, stressing about sales and watching the rain through the window when no one came by, I had to pull the pin. As much as I think I had a good concept, and had many customers that loved the store, it was time to call it a day when my overhead was often higher than my sales. It could have been much more dire financially had I stayed longer. As it was it took us nearly 5 years to recover from the financial hit. Sometimes it can be a good idea but it just doesn’t work. That failure taught me a lot about business and has saved me from making costly financial mistakes in other parts of my life.

beautilcious, makeup store, scarlett ballantyne

My beautiful store. *Sigh*

Follow your heart….

Kind of like relationships, sometimes it is time to let go. Generally we know when a relationship is no longer serving us well. I have become much better in my recent past about cutting things or people out of my life that are no longer creating joy for me. It sounds harsh but you do have to follow your own heart. As long as you are being kind to yourself and others and doing the best that you can, it is okay to Bless and Release. The same goes for your path in business/work: we only have one precious life to live, and if what you are doing is no longer growing you as a person or challenging/exciting you, then maybe it is time to change the path. This is something that I revisit it seems like every August. Last year, I started blogging again (yay-almost-one-year-anniversary!), and this year I have a few other things up my sleeve that I am going to be launching soon.

knot tangled, pretty interesting, etsy shop

Don’t let anyone EVER dull your Sparkle!

What kind of reflections are you having this month?

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Need a gift? Cute, fashionable gifts for CHEAP!

Cute fashionable gifts for CHEAP are sort of hard to find. I used to rely on Oprah’s favourite things from her magazine or other sources like that but often they are too pricey! Often my SD friends and leaders are looking for good ideas for our team incentive gifts, customer gifts because, hey, that’s what we do. We specialize in cute, fashionable stuff! I love searching online for great gifts but summer has made it harder to blog with such great weather, and kids at home. But today I have had the day all to myself with kids at my cousin’s house. Oreos and coffee for breakfast for me and lots of time to look online for cute things! Some favourite things that I am TOTALLY digging for my small business and myself: Adorably Simple Design – even though I already sell jewelry, I have to recommend these cutie-patootie rings from Courtney Williams on Etsy. I love how simple and small they are and that you can customize them! They would make great team gifts or even something that you can layer with your Stella & Dot jewelry. LOVE THESE!

adorably simple design, etch shops, pretty pinteresting

INSTAGRAM @ AdorablySimpleDesign

adorably simple design, scarlett pretty interesting, fabulous team gifts fro direct sales   adorably simple designs, direct sales team gifts, cute gifts, scarlett musingsadorably simple design, pretty interesting, scarlett musings, great team gifts for direct sales teams These are literally the cutest rings ever! The Print Mint – These little stamp ideas are literally the most original ways to make stamps for your catalogues. sticky labels are time consuming and waste too much printer ink… could have one of these made and stand out from your competitors. I love some of the original designs here from artists Nicole and Shelley. etsy shop the print mint, pretty interesting, scarlett musings

the print mint, scarlett musings, pretty pinteresting

Studio Gold – Have you seen the latest trend in temporary tattoos? They aren’t black and garish, but sparkly and pretty. I love these layered with existing jewelry….and what a special way to adorn yourself on a night out. When you sell jewelry like I do and attend special company events, there is always a desire to do something just a little bit different to stand out from the sea-of-sameness! Everyone is wearing the same jewelry! And it is true that women dress for women. These cute little tattoos are the bomb and really priced well too. studio gold etsy shop, cute temporary tattoos, direct sales team gifts, temporary tattoos, cute gifts, studio gold, etsy shops TEMPORARY TATTOOS, studio gold, etsy shop Lucy Snow Design – I have been having a love affair with Lucy Snow Designs for awhile now. As I decorate our new home, albeit very sloooooowlllly, I am constantly searching for pieces that are mid-century modern, yet still in bright saturated colour (that is where I want to go with my decor, we will see how it goes). I have loved this image for a long while, that I saw a long long time ago but didn’t realize that Lucy Snow was the artist. lucy Snow design, doggie vogue, scarlett musings, pretty interesting I love the orange and blue together in this selection of images. And I love that you can curate your own set of four by choosing the ones you love. lucy snow designs, swimmer, mid-century modern, scarlett musings lucy snow design, pretty pinteresting, lucy snow designs, mid-century modern, scarlett musings, pretty pinterestingA set of four prints is $80….a lovely gift and something that someone who has an appreciation for art would really enjoy. MyanSoffia Designs – On the subject of photography, another artist that I have following for a bit is Myan Soffia. I have a Los Angeles fantasy – somehow as a little girl growing up in the Prairies, LA seemed like the land of dreams and beauty. Colourful places and movie stars – I had plenty of dreams of moving there. And I still love some of the iconic places, and these photos make delicious art that feed my dreams. etsy shop, LA dreams, scarlett musings dreams of LA, beautiful photography, scarlett musings, pretty pinteresting los angeles dreams, etsy shop, pretty pinteresting Michelle Dwight – “Every day I’m hustling”….and I am! Literally been doing it for the past 6 years. Love all of the new graphic t-shirts and phrase-laden-items out in the market right now, but these are especially cute. And true! etsy shops, scarlett curations,pretty pinteresting etsy shop, scarlett musings, pretty interesting Have you come across some cute cheap finds that are good gifts or are you an Etsy shop owner starting out? There are lots of ways to market your business, but recommends are a good one. Message me: I’d love to feature you. Tata for now besties!

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Authentic is the new Black….

Everyone is talking about being Authentic these days – it’s the new buzzword…the new “selfie“. To be authentic is to be genuine, yet imperfect and therefore maybe a better person. We work at showing our best highlight reel of ourselves on social media – and we also take perfectly timed photos of our ‘authentic selves’….behind the scenes or makeup free.

Yet, it is somehow perfectly curated.

I am doing it as well so this isn’t a criticism. Just an observation.

Why is Authentic the new Black?

danielle laporte, truthbombs, scarlett musings, pretty pinterestingWhen I wake up the morning, one of the first things that I do is check my social media accounts. It’s my news, my coffee with friends, it’s my way of saying hello to the universe and almost like reading the paper (used to be). Finding out what is going on in this great world of ours. But now we can contribute too which is much more fun and interactive. Sometimes it feels like our friends and connections are shouting at us: “Buy this product!”, “Look at my fun weekend!“, “See how perfect my life is!“….

take the picture, authentic lives, scarlett musings, pretty pinteresting

Take the damn picture so everyone can see how much fun I am having!

A friend of mine told me that she felt overwhelmed looking at everyone else’s vacation photos on Facebook. She felt pressure to post her own when she was feeling a little less than her best….so she just shut off Facebook!


Just shut it off! What a strange concept.

Just no longer look at everyone else at the lake having fun, or showing their amazing bodies in a bikini while I sit on the couch watching Extreme Weightloss eating Oreos in my undies?


Nope. They are sitting in their undies watching TV too. Posting their best photos that they just edited with VSCO or INSTAbeauty (two great apps, BTW…)

Even though I waste so much time on some of these damn platforms…. I love it too! I get to see friends and cousins and people that it would be weird if I just sent them a text saying “Hey! Send me a picture of what your kids look like now!”

You have to take the good with the bad.

Just remember that being Authentic and showing the messy sometimes IS the actual life you are living. And so is everyone else. You are just seeing the movie trailer of their lives – the highlight reel. They have the messy too.

AUTHENTIC is the new Black baby!

Sometimes I find myself procrastinating on some of these many projects I have created for myself. I get overwhelmed and then hang around social media and flip around like men used to channel surf (mine doesn’t really any more – that weird TV-guide-thing seemed to eliminate the channel surf!…Thank God!). But we are our own Masters of our own Destiny.

The only person that truly knows if you are being completely Authentic is yourself.

make your own magic, pretty pinteresting, scarlett musings,

And here is where I insert a shameless plug of my authentic (now I am being serious…she has authentic cornered!!) friend and wonderful Life Coach, Diane Taylor, who recently launched You Glow Girl.

Check her out. She has helped me to realize that my authentic self is my best self!

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I’ve got nothing to wear!

Have you ever gone to get dressed and felt like you have nothing to wear? That is probably a dumb question because I am pretty certain every woman has! I have clothes with tags still on them yet every day I go to get dressed and feel at a loss. Either I don’t have the right top to go with the bottom, or the right colour or even in this warm weather we’ve been having, the right fabric. I cannot STAND that I have gained 10 lbs this summer since my colonscopy just a few short months ago (even though I had been sick and thinner for awhile….) even though  I certainly feel better on the inside. It just doesn’t help putting on clothes from last summer! It’s a never ending cycle. A goal for me for the remainder of 2014 is to find a workout or fitness regime that I really like. My husband just celebrated his 4 year-anniversary of deciding to get fit. I need to do the same.

Back to clothes! One thing I have shopped and shopped again for is a nice jumpsuit. I really prefer pants to skirts most of the time (sometimes a dress feels like too much) and a jumpsuit can be kind of dressy yet still comfy. If you have a long torso like I do, it can be harder to find something with a drop waist that hits you in the right spot. I have drawers and drawers of jewels and need to wear as many pieces as I can to show them off (and even that can be difficult at times!). So here are some of my favourite jumpsuits and rompers, and then a few tops that I found are in there too.

veronica m, romper, cute for summer, clothes, jumpsuits

Veronica M jumper – I love this one because of the sleeves!

When I had my retail store, I carried some Veronica M clothes and they sold really well. I loved the cuts and also the prints because they were sort of retro/mod and also great prices.

veronica M, spaghetti strap jumper, romper, summer style, cute for summer, scarlett musings

This is another cute one that both my daughter and I could share – I would probably wear a tank top or bandeau underneath….

This is such a cute style of top with the keyhole. I have always loved the look of this style but sometimes have found it hard to wear. If you can pull it off, it is very flattering!

Veronica M, super cute tops, flowy tops, summer style, scarlet musings

Keyhole top – Veronica M

Grace and Lace is one of my favourite brands and I don’t want to pump them too much but they ARE having a sale until the end of the week. This will be my next purchase….

And I think I need a cute summer scarf to go with it. Scarves are great for hiding the ‘pooch’ if you have had too many drinks this summer  - *guilty*.


grace and lace, cute details, tank top, summer style

Breezy Lace Tank

grace and lace, scarlett musings, skip stitch scarf, scarlett musings

Grace and Lace Linen Skip Stitch scarf

House of Harlow1960 is the brand created by Nicole Ritchie. Some very cute styles and something that I have always aspired to buying, but often it is out of my price range. However this season HOH has some super short-jumpers that I think are a must-have….

house of harlow, summer style, cute rompers, short-alls,

House of Harlow…..super cute short-alls

And while you are on the website….these sunglasses are to DIE FOR! I always buy cheapie sunglasses because I drop them and wreck them….but these are so amazing, I have to get them…

house of harlow, sunglasses, nicole ritchie brand, scarlett musings, summer style

House of Harlow Chelsea Sunglasses

Last, for a little summer fun, as  a reader you may already know that my BF Derek Hough just came out with a new book last week – Taking the Lead. It is aptly titled as he has won Dancing with the Stars 5 times, and really has become a self-taught-choreographer. As a young man he was told he wasn’t a good student, was bullied and driving his poor mother crazy by jumping off the walls…yet has become one of the most sought-after choreographers in the business. It is an encouraging message and fun summer read.

derek hough, taking the lead, scarlett musings, dance choreography emmy winner

By my bestie Derek Hough

And we met his mother in San Francisco too. What a doll (and so tiny!)

derek hough's mom, scarlett musings, dance choreographer

C and I with Derek’s Mom.

Cheers for now besties!

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Grace & Lace, scarlett musings, pretty interesting

Christmas in July! Grace = Radical Self Love


Christmas in July ends today! Click below to go to their website and grab some fabulous deals.

I have been a big supporter of Grace & Lace since I first contacted Melissa about doing a Blog Post about her for my Mompreneur Monday series (she was the first!). I have outfitted her in some Stella & Dot, and in turn, I have become and ambassador for Grace & Lace! I LOVE their stuff, from the boot socks to the scarves. They have been having a Christmas in July sale with an amazing 30% off ALL OF THESE items! Now this is something I cannot keep to myself. I hope to hit my next Stella & Dot meeting or conference and seeing all of my girlies sporting some Grace & Lace. It is THAT GOOD!

These new tanks are fabulous because they are long and stretchy and have wide straps. Grace = Radical!

And they are BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!! This is an awesome deal!

grace & lace, scarlett musings, scarlett style

Perfect Fit tank – Buy 2 and get One FREE!!!!

I have also loved my Crochet Tunic in Fuchsia…..wore it recently on my trip to San Francisco… can be worn as a bathing suit cover up also. 30% off is an amazing price - I think I will get the cream and black too.

Grace & Lace, scarlett musings, pretty interesting


grace & lace, scarlett musings, pretty pinteresting

The Lace top extender I also purchased to just add a little extra length to some of my tops. Sometimes, with my long torso, I feel like tops cut me off in the wrong spot….so this extender just gives me that extra layer that makes it end in the Right Spot!

grace & Lace, scarlett musings, pretty pinterestingtop extender, Grace & lace, scarlett musings, pretty pinterestingAnd last, I love the Shorties. While I feel like I am just a bit over the demographic to wear shorter shorts, I still have good legs (maybe one of my best features that I don’t mind showing!), and so the shorties just give you that little extra length. I got them for my teenager too *big smiles*.

shorties grace & lace, scarlett musings, pretty Pinteresting

grace and lace, shorties, shorties at 40, pretty pinteresting,

Yes, that’s me.

The Flutter Sleeve top which is in the header banner is soooooo pretty too, but now sadly sold out. However put that one on your wish list for next time. It is super forgiving and cool and breezy.

grace & lace, flutter sleeve top, pretty pinteresting, scarlett musings

On the theme of grace, I have been participating in Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love Instagram Challenge for the month of July. I have really enjoyed doing this. Do you know sometimes how you feel like you start things and never complete them? Well today, I will have completed all 31 days. I know taking a photo every day doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is the meaning behind each photo. I have had to take a hard look at myself for each one and find something that I like about myself and want to post. It is a form of gentle self-kindness and it has been really therapeutic.

gala darling, radical self love july, scarlett musings, pretty pinteresting

And that is all for today folks! Hurry now and SHOP….the sale is almost over!

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shallow end, scarlett musings

Tips for a good relationship with your Teen

shallow end, scarlett musingsA friend recently commented to me, ‘You have an amazing relationship with your girls. You never complain about problems with them or anything,’ and I felt really good that she said that! You know what? I don’t have a lot of problems with them. We hang out a lot and they are generally fairly respectful to me. So I have thought about this a lot and wondered what I (we) are doing that I can share with other people. Because some of it has been trial and error, and then landing on something that I think really works. So I am jumping right into the deep end here by writing this…..

1) We spend a lot of time together.

We talk about books we like, TV shows we love and generally interests that we all have. We do have a lot of common interests (dance) and I try to support the things that they love to do. My girls came out of the womb loving music and moving and dancing so I got them both into dance by the age of 3. And they have continued to do it and excel at it, and I support that the best I can. And I have grown a love for the sport (yes it IS a sport!) and have learned a lot about it over the years too. We went to see an amazing dance show this past weekend called Move Live on Tour in San Francisco, (I did a fan blog on another site if you want to read the details) and I know they were truly thankful and happy that I did that for them. But the key is spending time together and supporting their interests. I read recently that ‘Time is God’s currency’. That couldn’t be more true. We cannot get more of it, so we have to spend it wisely. And investing some of it in your kids with quality time, is super important in the long run.

derek hough, julianne hough, move live on tour, move live on tour san francisco

Derek Hough and Julianne Hough – our new besties!

2) We limit social media!

I know it is hard these days but we limit their texting and phone time: no texting or any electronics after 8pm. No texting boys at all unless they talk to Dad first. It is a harsh rule but it saves them heartache later (we learnt that the hard way!). And the rule about asking Dad then let’s the boys know that we read all of the texts (not often but we do sometimes!). I also friend a lot of their friends on Instagram and Kik, etc. Familiarize yourself with all of the social media platforms they are using: it is WORK, but you have to do it. It takes time and energy but then you can figure out if it is necessary for them to use or not. I signed up for, another app, and then I realized that it was really just an app that will promote bullying, so I made them get off of it.

3) I am a friend yes,  but a mother first.

I honestly try to be a mother first as much as we are friends. And that means that I really put my foot down over many things: no sleepovers when I know it probably will just be a ‘stay-up-over’, not too much junk food, and lots of sleep. I make them go to bed when they don’t want to and have even been known to give them each a half-strength glass of NeoCitron when I know they need the sleep yet, they can’t sleep or won’t go to bed. Some people may disagree with me on that one, however, looking at the bigger picture and the long term effects of a good sleep, I stand by this!

girls, teenagers, scarlett musings

4) Protein is important! 

You know when you don’t eat enough protein and you feel sick or get emotional because you haven’t eaten enough (for me it is often an upset stomach). I spend a lot of time planning healthy meals that are quality ingredients. Often we are busy and on the run, just like everyone, so I try to make sure that they have enough protein to keep their bodies going. Otherwise they get really grouchy and fights ensue! True story.

5) Protect them from Heartache. Give lots of hugs.

We joke around a lot about only having ‘side-hugs’ with boys (a la the Duggars on TLC) but also talk a lot about their future plans and goals so as to try and keep them on track. I had some early heartache as a teenager and was totally boy-crazy. And probably made some bad decisions because I was following boys around. Looking back, maybe it was because I didn’t have as much of a grounded home life. I give my girls lots of hugs and kisses (not always in public because they don’t like that!), and talk a lot about what they want to achieve in life. Hopefully that will prevent heartache in the not so distant future.

I am not an expert. I am just figuring it all out along with all of you. These are my opinions and what has worked for us!

Thanks for all of the support around Izzy’s eye last week! She had an in-office procedure and now she is back to normal. I could write and entire blog post about the Canadian (or maybe just BC?) medical system and how screwed up it is. I STILL haven’t got a referral from two doctors we saw, and one got us an emergency appointment for September 21st! How is that an emergency?!

sty gone wrong, scarlett musings

Cheers all!

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